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Multicultural Customer Service Training


Training Mission: To provide Multicultural Customer Service Training through effective workshops, for companies and organizations interested in expanding their profit margin through customer loyalty. Ebony Gifts and Consulting Service aims to share the do’s and don’ts of customer service in a diverse community, as it relates to the various and unique needs, styles, values, and perceptions existing across cultures.

Rationale: With the increasing development of our multicultural society, most evident in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Lee Miller has observed and experienced the increased diversification in the Canadian social and professional environment. As a Jamaican born, living in Canada since 1967, he embraces this diversity, having lived, socialized and worked in a variety of industries and environments.

Lee Miller understands the importance of culturally appropriate customer service training through his personal and professional experience. His vocation and community endeavours over the years have mainly been in the customer service sector. Working in various roles, providing exceptional customer service and building strong relationships and customer loyalty with people of all race and culture, increasing clientele and thereby income for his customers.

The changing ‘landscapes’ in a multicultural environment is now the norm, yet most service sectors continue to use ‘one style fits all’ customer service training’. Through these standardized training, most customer service personnel continue to use the same scripts to all their customers, regardless of their customer profile.

Predominantly, trainers continue to speak of the power of handshakes and eye contacts without acknowledging differing cultural norms. Many still don’t understand why some cultures will continue to negotiate after the deal is accepted or the differences in greetings, or developing adapted ice breakers for female customers from Western and Eastern countries.

Lee Miler teaches the unique and valuable differences across cultures and ethnicities, and will share his experiences and encourage your staff to engage in interactive discussions. He will explain the do’s and don’ts of ‘Customer Service in a Diverse Community’.

In businesses today customer satisfaction Loyalty is extremely necessary for an organization’s overall success. Allow Lee Miller to show you, along with your internal and external service staff how to develop Diverse Customer Loyalty. The ‘Serving Diverse Customer Workshops’ can be done in 1 or 2 hours, depending on your requirements, and can be customized to meet your internal and external customer (staff and patrons) needs.

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Phone: Lee Miller @ 416 688 2813

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