"Because your Image, Artifacts and Actions Speak"

Africentric Cultural Identity Presentations / Workshops.


Presentations: To Evoke Africentric Identity within the African Diaspora ; Designed for Black …. Affinity Groups, Educators, Social Worker , Organizations, Parents etc.
To highlight the importance of Racial and Cultural Identity and their positive impact on self -esteem and self-efficacy.

Rationale: Culture refers to a collective characteristic of a group of people with similarities such as traditions, food , music , rituals and values .
Cultural Identity are the values , beliefs and characteristics that make a people what they are. Understanding who we are as Blacks / People of the African Diaspora is an ongoing , transforming / decolonizing process that include our communal values with recognition of our diversity as people whose traditions were demonized.

Many people of the African Diaspora have been socialize and institutionalized to think ,act and behave like their former colonizer , or they must constantly code switch , subverting their cultural identity , some never embracing it and some permanently switch to the dominant culture , with a belief that this is how they can survive and / or succeed.
Many youth have conflicting identity that forces them to see themselves through the lens of the dominant culture that does not perceive or allow them to function as equals.
Many institution continues to exhibit subvert or unconscious practices that lay the historical framework for structural and systematic racism that resulted in a conflicted formation of identity within Black Youth leading to sometimes new and convoluted / twisted cultures .

My presentation will evoke Black Affinity groups to answer these 4 questions :
1. Who am I ?
2. How did I become who I am ?
3. Am I real who I think I am?
4. What is my Purpose ?
My presentation will give better understandings on why youth who embrace their Black Identity have higher self esteem , resilience and self-efficacy

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