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Treat your Customers like you treat your Parents

Multi Cultural BnW-20150917152213124Customers are  like Parents.

I disagree with the cliche’,   ” The customer is always right” .  If the customer is always right , then the employees will never be right, and this leads to poor employee morale which in the end create poor Customer Service.   

Customers are not always right , many times they are wrong ,  however just like your parents who are not always right, you must practice respect and tolerance. Respect  will allow you  to listen to  opinions and not create arguments with your customers ( or parents).                                                                        “Proving  your customer wrong  will not make you a winner , it just might make you lose business and maybe your job” .

When you encounter  a dispute  and  sincerely feel the customer is wrong , it’s best to speak about  your company’s commitment to happy customers, the security of its employees  and how profit is required  to  stay in  business.                                                                                                                                                    Regardless of your position, customers usually respect service  people  who take ownership for their  company’s success .

There  might be times when you must walk away and not do business  because the customer is wrong , however   allow the customer to leave  with an understanding of your organization’s vision,  which is to make you Company , Customers and  Suppliers win.                                                                                     Before you walk , express  how all  parties must be winners for harmony and continuing success. Always express remorse if you must walk away from the business relationship and  share your hope of doing business in the future.

When trying to resolve disputes with customer avoid using words such as “you will have to”… replace this with  ” I recommend…. Replace “this is our policy” with   “For us both to win…. “

Empower and put  employees  and co-workers first and in return they will  put customers first.

Happy employees make happy customers.

 Lee Miler teaches the unique and valuable differences across cultures and ethnicity, and will share his experiences and encourage your staff to engage in interactive discussions. He will explain the do’s and don’ts of ‘Customer Service in a Diverse Community’.

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