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The Boss seldom see your greeting cards, however ….



“Romance is doing the expected things at the unexpected times”.

With that said your customers expect to receive your annual generic holiday greeting message.       This  message will be similar to many more that the customer received.  If you send a greeting card , chances are the decision maker will never see it because  (s)he has no interest in opening holiday  greeting cards or reading a “generic email”.


Please ! Do not cancel the practice of sending holiday cards, it bring good feelings to the inside staff, they decorate the department,  and as a season of giving this is a good gesture.  


However don’t assume holiday greetings have an impact on your customer service.


To make an impact on your customers, contact them in January and ask how your service have been over the past year, ask what you can do to improve in this the new year.

This practice can be extended to you friends also, seek ways to enhance your friendships in 2016.

If your customer service skills don’t get better in 2016,  then it will be getting worse. Why? Because your major competitors will be getting better, connect with your customers in January , amplify your service , In January and February business is slow in many markets, your customers may have time to listen to your competitors, and if your are also in sales it’s time when your prospects will be more receptive to your call.


I just might be calling you in January

Lee Miler teaches the unique and valuable differences across cultures and ethnicities, and will share his experiences and encourage your staff to engage in interactive discussions. He will explain the do’s and don’ts of ‘Customer Service in a Diverse Community’.

In businesses today customer satisfaction Loyalty is extremely necessary for an organization’s overall success. Allow Lee Miller to show you, along with your internal and external service staff how to develop Diverse Customer Loyalty. The ‘Serving Diverse Customer Workshops’ can be done in 1 or 2 hours, depending on your requirements, and can be customized to meet your internal and external customer (staff and patrons) needs.

For more info, please contact:

Email: lee@ebonygifts.ca

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