"Because your Image, Artifacts and Actions Speak"

Seek 1st to Understand your Customers.


A significant way towards customer loyalty is through the process of “understanding your customers”.

Customer satisfaction will help to bring customers to your company, however customer loyalty is the key to customer retention. Pursuing customer satisfaction is like pursuing mediocrity, it’s by commitment to continuous pursuit of customer loyalty that you and or your company will become noteworthy.

“Seek first to understand then be understood”. Stephen Covey: 7 habits of highly effective people.

As human we usually have default behaviors, modified behaviors. Our (natural) default behaviors are usually dominant when we are around our family and friends. Our modified behaviors are usually our business behavior. If you are in the Customer Service business (which we alee are) we must make the habit of seeking to understand a “constant” behaviors.

Understanding comes only by listening and asking questions. .. In conventional training questions are structured as Who; What; When; Where and How.                                                                                                                   In my training I recommend the ” Four Why’s” , here are  examples.

  1. Why  does the customer like this product? Answer: Because she likes the packaging.
  2. Why does she like the packaging? Answer: Because it’s made from recycled paper.
  3. Why is this important to her? Answer: Because environmental conscious is a Standard Policy within her company.
  4. Why is she environmental conscious? Answer : Her company is pursuing ISO 1401             ( Environmental Management Standards)

When customer feel that they are understood, they will try harder to work with you. So you may now be able to build your relationship by speaking about your company’s or your personal commitment to a clean environment.


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