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Sales scripts are effective . Service scripts can be defective

Having sales scripts is effective, having service scripts can also be effective, except when greeting and communicating with your repeated customers / clients.

My dental hygienist take notes of our conversations including health, family, social etc., On my next appointment will ask how the vacation, the party, family was, this make our connection more humanistic. Wherein I have visited an eye specialist 3 times over the past six months and the receptionist, the doctor and the technician scripts are the same. I hear these same scripts while in the waiting room so many times that I can almost repeat them when it’s my turn to have my examination or consultation.

As a client and knowing the script of my service provider gives me a disconnected feeling, a feeling that the service providers see their clients as products instead of humans.

An organization should also ask, if service providers use the same script tens of times per day, can they really enjoy their work regardless of the value to the recipients?  When service providers are encouraged and motivated to make each interaction more humanistic they will find fulfillment in their work, and their clients / customers will in turn develop loyalty to the service provider and organization.


Lee Miler teaches the unique and valuable differences across cultures and ethnicities, and will share his experiences and encourage your staff to engage in interactive discussions. He will explain the do’s and don’ts of ‘Customer Service in a Diverse Community’.


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