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Response Speed Kills

Response with Speed because speed kills:



I should have called-1

“If only I had called promptly”

Speed kills , this is not only true when driving , it’s also true in customer service. Your response speed can kill your competition soliciting approach.

You got a call from one of your customer who is  interested in a new product, your response time is critical because this customer might have also called your competitor who is “second in line”… .. ask your top sales staff how quick they respond to their “warm” prospect for a better understanding of being “second in line”

Back to “Response Speed” …..For the most part only the best and  worst companies have reputations, being responsive will make you one of the best company .  “Fedex” has became  an “overnight sensation” because of speed , overnight delivery is now the standard while the post office continue to lose business and is now known for “snail-mail”  

Speed can become the  edge you have over your competitors.  Getting a call / email  from a customer don’t always mean you have a resolve the concern or inquiry promptly,  however answering the call or email , getting back to the customer promptly is perceived as one the key  behaviors  to customer loyalty. Automated responses is not response speed !  I am referring to a human / personal  response coming from a Service Rep.        

Guarantee you customer, maximum  ( amount ?) hours response time including weekends and holidays and use it as a marketing tool.      

    Good service providers could charge an average of 10{7d900b3500c34ff7b972c561de5f8a7c8d69237a65b32842d74c5849f455af63} – 15 more for the same product & service , grow faster than their ordinary  competitions.  The main reason customers do not return to restaurants are not due to poor food, but bad service  including slow response to their presence after being seated.

  In several markets / industries , quality of products are secondary to quality of service . …  So be available and accessible to your customers, use your smartphone as a vehicle and leave your competitor in the dust..

 Remember:  In North America most customers have more money than they have time !

Lee Miler teaches the unique and valuable differences across cultures and ethnicity, and will share his experiences and encourage your staff to engage in interactive discussions. He will explain the do’s and don’ts of ‘Customer Service in a Diverse Community’.



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