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What are the Cultures of your Customers ?

DiversityProgressive employers celebrate their Employee’s & Customers cultural diversity. .. In Canada we take pride in our multicultural expression.  In The Greater  Toronto  Area over 140 languages and dialects are spoken with more than half of its population born outside of Canada.

Considering the above…… how are business adjusting to its customers cultural diversity ? Several major  supermarkets and retailers are strategic in their product marketing, however how are your business delivering service to your multicultural customer base ?

Companies that are collecting statistics on the Cultural Diversity of their Customers and using these data to train front-line service people are the ones who will have consistent growth through customer retention.   This is most critical if your business is built on repeat customers; Customers that  should be nurtured ’till they become “loyal clients”, Considering repeat / old  customers are your best testimonials and are more profitable than getting  new ones.

Having service staff that are not sensitive to diverse cultural business styles can lead to customer attrition.

Multicultural Customer Service Training

Training Mission: To provide Multicultural Customer Service Training through effective workshops, for companies and organizations interested in expanding their profit margin through customer loyalty. Ebony Gifts and Consulting Service aims to share the do’s and don’ts of customer service in a diverse community, as it relates to the various and unique needs, styles, values, and perceptions existing across cultures.

For more info on Multicultural Customer Service Training ;  Please visit ….. https://www.ebonygifts.ca/Customer-Service-Training.html

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