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Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Customers Service in the foundation to profit

Customers Service , the foundation of profit

Poor Employee Morale = Poor Customer Service ! 

There are two types of customers within each company, the internal and the external customer. An Organization will seldom keep one happy without the other being happy.

If external customers are not happy with your service it’s difficult for your internal customers to be happy, and if your internal customers are not happy with the way they are “all” treated, it’s difficult for them to provide exceptional service.  I  put the emphasis on “all”  because treating one employee in a perceived  unfair manner usually affect his / her peers and its more likely that employees take side with employees rather  than with management.

It’s some managers belief that systems are more likely to guarantee efficiency than experienced workers. Great systems will produce great products however only people can deliver exceptional service.

Are your managers expected to discuss only business with their subordinates? Do they take time out to understand their co-workers culture or hobbies?  If your workers are from  different cultures, will your manager share a friendly discussion on sports, food or family?

You might make the best meal, however if the servers are not happy the customers will notice and the meal become secondary.

It will not cost much to make staffs happy and the rewards are good moral and great customer service.

It’s also imperative to encourage team work and positive attitude regardless of  your positions within an organization, because whether good or poor morale, it’s contagious! 

According to  profit.http://www.aon.com ………Low employee engagement hurts your organization
it’s a fact. Based on years of experience, millions of surveys, and data from thousands of organizations worldwide, we know that higher employee engagement leads to:

  • Greater business results and organizational performance.
  • Greater employee retention and morale.
  • Better customer service.
  • Lower absenteeism.
  • Improved personal health.
  • Less job stress.

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