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Building Relationships through Appreciation


Are there another ways to build and maintain relationships than through Appreciation?

Your spouse, your friends, your co-worker, your boss, your customers, your neighbours, your service providers …. are PEOPLE !   …. And one thing all people seek is Appreciation.

Appreciation of their:

  • Culture
  • Time spent with you.
  • Work.
  • Appearance.
  • Passion
  • Resilience
  • Pain
  • Accomplishments.

Show me someone who does not seek appreciation and I will show someone who does not speak the truth.

You can see or seek several things in a person to express your appreciation, yet most people hesitate showing their warmth, and are more comfortable being a critic.

This blog is not to tell you to shower you friends with compliments each time you speak. What I am sharing is how to heighten your consciousness on the importance of seeking, seeing and expressing “genuine appreciation” randomly to the people with whom you connect. Being perceived as patronizing can be a deterrent, and this may stop you from showing appreciation and you now “fit in” with the masses …. criticizing others.

If you take a deep look at why you or others go to your natural default (being a critic) you may conclude that this just might be your way of seeking appreciation.

There are so many things in others that you can appreciate, yet you seek out the few or minor things that you can criticize.

The people we appreciate most are usually the people who are positive , the people who easily compliment others, the people who walk into your home and compliment the art on your walls, how you decorate your home , you neighbourhood etc. , yet you later move the conversation to what’s wrong in the world , what you heard lately on the news.

Happiness comes from seeing and feeling and that just might be seeing things to appreciate and feeling you are appreciated.

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