"Because your Image, Artifacts and Actions Speak"


Sales scripts are effective . Service scripts can be defective

Having sales scripts is effective, having service scripts can also be effective, except when greeting and communicating with your repeated customers / clients. My dental hygienist take notes of our conversations including health, family, social etc., On my next appointment will ask how the vacation, the party, family was, this make our connection more humanistic…..

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The Boss seldom see your greeting cards, however ….

  “Romance is doing the expected things at the unexpected times”. With that said your customers expect to receive your annual generic holiday greeting message.       This  message will be similar to many more that the customer received.  If you send a greeting card , chances are the decision maker will never see it because  (s)he….

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Don’t deny It…”Your name is music to your ears”

Your name is music to your ears. My friend; my buddy; my man; my dear; Usually no passion is resonated, when addressed by any of the above “titles”, How do you respond to your name? How do you feel when you are called by your first name?   We all feel more connected to the person who….

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Response Speed Kills

Response with Speed because speed kills:     Speed kills , this is not only true when driving , it’s also true in customer service. Your response speed can kill your competition soliciting approach. You got a call from one of your customer who is  interested in a new product, your response time is critical because….

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Treat your Customers like you treat your Parents

Customers are  like Parents. I disagree with the cliche’,   ” The customer is always right” .  If the customer is always right , then the employees will never be right, and this leads to poor employee morale which in the end create poor Customer Service.    Customers are not always right , many times they….

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